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Donna Barry Jewellery

Welsh born, award winning jeweller Donna Barry, designs and creates beautiful botanical jewellery collections, inspired by her love of flowers and foliage, plants, and repetitive patterns in nature.
Working with recycled silver and gold, each piece is handmade by herself in her bright loft studio at Coburg House in Edinburgh, where she has been based for twenty years.
Donna uses the traditional jewellery technique of fusion. Customising it in her own unique style, she layers silver petals in regular and A-symmetric patterns to create textured sheets. She then carefully forms them into stunning pieces, resembling floral and leaf like structures.
Donna's additional vocation as a florist in the earlier years of her practice, provided her with an endless source of shapes and textures to draw inspiration from. She works predominantly with a soft colour palette of white silver and rose gold, often incorporating precious and semi-precious stones to add colour and contrast. She sometimes incorporates Fairtrade gems and is a listed jeweller on the Fairtrade Goldsmiths Scheme.
Her work can be very sculptural, but equally, romantic and feminine, and light and easy to wear.
Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, she has continued to develop her collections, showcasing her work through independent galleries and special exhibitions throughout the UK.
Donna also runs exclusive wedding ring workshops from her studio with couples from all over the world.


Eco metals, Recycled products, Workshops, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging


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