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DeeOoshee produces unique and handmade print-related products in limited editions, using upcycled materials when possible. Her creative practice is rooted in traditional arts and crafts techniques with a particular focus on printmaking. Inspired by travels near and far, she draws on her personal image archive to create hand-pulled fine art prints.

More recently, DeeOoshee has explored the effects of introducing negative or positive graphic shape elements on photographic, drawn or stamped patterns and realised these by screenprinting and sunprinting with fabric. She incorporates concepts or patterns observed from natural and built environments from both at home and during her travels. Creating colourful, lively patterns on natural fabric or paper, combined with the use of her trusted sewing machine, allows her to turn small-scale samples into one-of-a-kind and useful products for life at home and in the office.

DeeOoshee is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she produces most of her work at home or at Edinburgh Printmakers’ open access printmaking studio. Her work is currently stocked at Edinburgh Printmakers and in Marchmont Gallery and available online.


Recycled packaging, Eco friendly packaging, Products from upcycled/repurposed materials


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