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Crunch Does Ceramics

Crunch is a Glasgow based ceramic artist originally from the Highlands. The wild and diverse landscapes of her formative years remain hugely influential on her work and her philosophies.

She incorporates self-sourced foraged clays into her practice from all over Scotland – often leaving them unrefined and unglazed so as to showcase their unique pigments and personalities.

The use of such materials is representative of the unique characteristics of the different sites clay has been collected from. The bond between place and pots is cherished and flaunted.

Through the use of native Scottish clays Crunch hopes to share a deep appreciation of the intricate beauty of the natural world and her desire to conserve this precious asset.

Her practice focuses on functional tableware, jewellery and homeware. She uses a variety of commercial stoneware clay bodies, matte and variegated glazes with the majority of pieces featuring further wild clay embellishments.

It is the intention of her work that everyday items should fulfil a new significance. Items that would usually pass through the users hands unconsciously are instead treasured reflections of individuality and style.

All packaging is consciously chosen to minimise detrimental impact to the environment while offering maximum protection in transit.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly packaging


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