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Caroline Branchu Jewellery

Caroline Branchu is a Jewellery Designer/Maker based in the beautiful coastal town of Monifieth, Angus. Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art (2006), Caroline was fortunate to have spent time exhibiting her work across the UK whilst also working for a prestigious brand in the luxury jewellery sector before becoming a full-time self-employed jeweller.

This time gave Caroline an eye for fine detail, an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and most importantly the realisation of what jewellery signifies to her - the realisation that jewellery is rarely 'just jewellery'.

“It is a connection, a memory, a feeling. It can take your mind back to a time in your life, it can tell a story. Jewellery can signify love, loss or can be a celebration of something wonderful. I guess you could call me a dreamer or a romantic, but I feel incredibly lucky to be part of something which has the possibility to hold such significance in someone's life. That is something special.”

With the intention of bringing to life pieces which are tactful and luxurious. Exploring contrast within materials, creating pieces which range from delicate and feminine to unapologetically bold. Caroline works predominantly with sterling silver, gold and epoxy resin.

You can now find Caroline making from her home workshop on the East coast, with pieces made for stockists and craft events throughout Scotland.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Recycled packaging


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Caroline Branchu Jewellery

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Monifieth, Angus.


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