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Caitlin Hegney Jewellery

Jewellery artist Caitlin Hegney creates jewellery in silver and wood that resonates with the ancient past. Based in Helensburgh, Argyll she designs and makes in the tranquillity of her home studio.
Fascinated with the ambiguous nature of pattern-making, Caitlin interprets pattern as a common language that communicates between our ancient and present selves; looking at places such as Kilmartin Glen for inspiration and artefacts found in ancient burial sites. The pattern work that inspires and permeates Caitlin’s work is open to interpretation. She loves how the wearer can attribute their own sentiment and meaning.

Drawing is at the roots of Caitlin’s practice: using unique hand-forged tools, to translate the expressive quality of drawings into textural jewellery. Celebrating the patterns within reclaimed wood, Caitlin hand-mixes pigment recipes to dye wooden surfaces rich shades of blue. The process that Caitlin uses are rhythmic and mediative which gives the pieces an earthy and timeless feel.


Bespoke commissions, Workshops, Made to order, Eco friendly packaging


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