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Breuk. Art by Mark McPhelim

Mark McPhelim is an Artist and Graphic Designer working and living in Glasgow, Scotland.
Formerly Art Director at Ogilvie & Mather and Creative Director at CVCG, his career portfolio includes numerous commissioned illustrations for a wide range of organisations.
An ICFM Marketing Award winner, his work has also been showcased by Wacom, Pinso, House of Fraser and Folksy (where he has been best selling Scottish artist on this site). He also exhibits regularly city wide, and beyond.
Mark, who presents his work under the title of BreukArt, now focuses solely on new, self-inspired work. His design and advertising background means his art is conceptual and ever evolving rather than dedicated to a set method, from symmetrical, solid, graphic shapes to loose and vibrant compositions.



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Mark McPhelim

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