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brch. Creative Homeware

brch. Creative Homeware is simple, minimal yet creative home decor and accessories designed and handcrafted by Sarah & Aaron in their local studio in Glasgow.

Being designer’s at heart, it all started with an idea to create and make a place and products for them to express their own creativity. Making homeware they would love to see, make part of their home and hopefully yours too.

With quality and sustainability at top of mind, Sarah and Aaron like to challenge and push the limits on what can be created in every step. Owning the process and learning constantly is very important to them, but making bold limit pushing choices is even more so.

Yes, brch. is birch without the i. They like to think of it as if the ""i"" fell over and the dot rolled to the end of the word. But really, it is named as a simple and obvious creative expression as birch plywood in every stage of the creative process at ""brch."". Whether it be prototyping to a finished product, birch plywood has been involved at some point and is fundamental to product development.

It is also a beautiful material that is seriously under-rated. It has a very minimalist but strong quality to it, and is incredibly versatile. Sarah and Aaron strive to find ways to showcase the material and make it stand out. It may not be used for every final product seen, but you can think of it as a tribute to birch plywood and all the possibilities it holds!

Simple | Minimal | Creative


Bespoke commissions, Vouchers Available, Made to order, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging


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Homeware, Wood work

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Images by Sarah Naseer & Aaron Blackwood, brch. Creative Homeware.

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Glasgow, Scotland


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