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Anna Macfarlane Ceramics

Anna was first handed a ball of red clay at primary school which eventually became a much treasured little house that is still standing today. After that she kept finding her way back to it intermittently every few years, when time allowed, until ten years ago when she enrolled in a ceramics course at Grays art school.

Having originally trained as a scientist she was drawn to the technical aspect of ceramics and the processes involved as much as the creative expression. She says “It’s still exciting to see a finished piece, whether that be large ornamental work or a mug, emerge from the kiln when it started out as a lump of clay”.

The home studio followed a couple of years later when she started throwing on the wheel and experimenting with glaze testing. Darker richer clays sometimes make an appearance but she now mainly works with porcelain as a backdrop to the glazing. She has spent the last couple of years looking into the chemistry of glaze materials and says “ I love that a bucket of crushed up rock can become a sparkly crystal glassy glaze”. Anna now enjoys the challenge of creating her own unique glazes to compliment the wheelthrown pieces she makes.


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