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Angela Learoyd Studio Jeweller

Jewellery which makes an understated statement! Textured and formed silver jewellery combined with interesting and unusual semi-precious gemstones.
Angela makes design ranges, limited editions and one of a kind pieces. She often starts with the stone itself and this informs her design process. Texturing silver allows her to echo the markings of the stone. Angela uses silver sheet, tube and wire to form her shapes. The metalsmithing techniques she use are doming, swaging and press forming which allow her to produce three dimensional, sculptural shapes. New work, launching in 2022, the Concertina Collection, is made using the technique of metal corrugation.
Angela's aesthetic is modern and bold with simple clean lines. Her pieces are comfortable and wearable. They are often matt with subtle colourings.
Angela sells her work through shops and galleries and at trade fairs and craft and design events. She also enjoys working collaboratively and takes part in open studio events and group exhibitions.


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Angela Learoyd

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