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AMD Ceramics

Alison is a recent graduate of Grays’s School of Art in Aberdeen where she gained a BA Hons degree in 3D Design and ceramics and is currently based in Glasgow. Her work is inspired by the colours and patterns found in nature, architecture and retro interiors.

With the vast increase in mental health issues in our society today, She believes that involving more colour and nature into our lives can be incredibly beneficial to our well-being. She loves to create beautiful colourful ceramics that are overflowing with pattern and texture to help us be more aware of our environment and bring more joy into our everyday lives.

She specialises in slip casting using different coloured parian slip which is poured in and out of the mould in thin layers. These are then carved by hand to reveal those different layers before being bisque and then the final high fire. Carving is her favourite part of the process because it allows her to add more a personal, unique and handcrafted element to the work and she finds the process very calming and mindful.


Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products


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I rent a space in a stockist to sell my work. Glasgow Design Exchange


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