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Agate & Ayre

‘Agate & Ayre’ was founded by designer April Hay in 2021 to share the passion she has for Scotland’s geology.
A visual explorer from a young age, her happiest times were spent on the beaches of the North-East of Scotland, hunting for rocks. Inspecting and feeling the differences from stone to stone, influenced by its birthplace and what it’s endured. Texture, colour and tactility are key themes throughout her work – taking a stone on its journey from being a cold, hard object to a touchable, fluid textile.
She layers her own photography of geological sites on photoshop, creating artworks, playing with dramatic contrast and bold compositions. Rich jewel tones and earthy greens sit alongside inky blues and teals.
Working mostly with natural fibres such as silk and bamboo, her fabrics are digitally printed using environmentally conscious inks. Agate & Ayre pieces are sewn by April from her studio in Glasgow where she crafts pieces for your home and your wardrobe. From luxurious silk scrunchies to plush infinity scarves, decadent velvet cushion covers to bespoke apparel. Functional yet beautiful items you will love interacting with every day.


Bespoke commissions, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products


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