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Acorn Print Studio

Lorna Johnson is a Printmaker located in Edinburgh. She graduated Art School in 2010 and since then has continued to carve a path in the printing world by exploring creative and educational printmaking residencies, exhibitions and creative workshops. Processes have always played an important role in her creative development and this is reflected in her first love for traditional methods of Etching and Lithography in printmaking. Science and art have always been an influential and exciting combination for Lorna, particularly earth sciences. This particular interest has been nurtured through her experiences volunteering through farming projects such as Work Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and expresses itself in topics of nature in her prints and illustrations.

Since locating to Edinburgh she has set up her business Acorn Print Studio and also offers printmaking workshops when it is possible in the local area. Her work is playful and illustrative exploring the connections she makes when submerged in nature, at the moment predominately working with lino carvings at her home studio.

Alongside her prints she also makes hand printed textiles and clothing such as t-shirts and tote bags from some of her designs. Her services include commissions and bespoke printing services including textiles and clothing for customers and businesses.


Bespoke commissions, Workshops, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly packaging


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