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Abi Pots

For as long as Abi can remember she has loved the natural world and being enveloped in the sights, sounds, smells and knowledge of nature. She chose to pursue this through studying Geography at university, upon graduating she sought a career as a cartographer and intelligence analyst which helped capture her need for a creative output. She found her passion for ceramics in 2017 after moving to Aberdeen. Abi loved that through the use of natural substances, which appealed to her geology based learning, she could create objects that reflected her home of Scotland and adoration of being outdoors.

She is a self-taught potter creating homeware ceramics that imbue the wilds of Scotland from the majestic mountains to the ethereal pin forests and tranquil loch shores. Every piece from mug to jug to ramen bowl and chip & dip bowl are created with her passion in mind for the outdoors.


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