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The Wee Gift Shop

The Wee Gift Shop is an independent studio shop in the busy seaside town of Troon. Their goal is to offer a unique range of gifts that showcase the beauty of handmade and to introduce their customers to the creatives behind the Independent Scottish brands they stock. Since opening last year they are now stocking over 30 Independent Scottish Makers and they continue to introduce new talent regularly to keep things fresh.

The shop is run by a team of three, Gayle, Rebecca, and Susan. Gayle, is the shop owner, and just loves all art and all things shiny. Her aim was to bring together a collection that would either have taken the shopper hours to find themselves, or perhaps just wouldn’t have been found. Rebecca, is the shop manager, who loves working with our designers, creators, and makers. She comes to life through their passion and vision to create something unique and individual. Susan, is our sales assistant, and uses her free time to pursue her passion for photography. Susan’s eye for composition is reflected in her display, and she really knows how to make every product stand out on the shops shelves.

When planning The Wee Gift Shop, Gayle’s goal was to create a unique design that maximises the space whilst creating a sustainable, energy-efficient space. Most of this was achieved by restoring original shop features and reusing or upcycling materials. The result is an inviting and unique shopping experience where each maker is given the space to shine.

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