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The Botanist and The Bee

The Botanist and The Bee is Dundee's first indoor only plant shop.

The idea for the Botanist and the Bee was born out of the owners' love for green indoor spaces from workplaces to homes. The therapeutic nature involved along with making any space feel warmer and more homely makes them passionate about helping others create their own green spaces.

The shop offers a beautiful array of tropical and sometimes rare houseplants along with a curated selection of homewares and plant care items. Step inside and you'll be immersed in a calm, green atmosphere. A plant to add to your collection, a gift, or maybe you're looking to buy your first plant - they'll help you choose the right one for you. To make shopping a bit more fun, the guys over at The Botanist and The Bee give their plants names. From 'Ian - The Rubber Plant' to 'Gina - The Dracaena' it makes for a memorable shopping experience.

Studies have shown having plants around actually makes you feel more comfortable which reduces stress levels and helps you focus, boosting your productivity and make you happier.

Feeling stressed? Come down for a 5 minute nosey - we guarantee you'll feel better!

Each Saturday for one week we announce our 'Plant of the Week' for sale at a discounted price.

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