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What we are looking for from our exhibitors?


At Tea Green our aim is to create events that showcase the best in Scotlands creative talent, to maintain the quality of our exhibitors we have a set of criteria that we ask all potential exhibitors to read beofre applying.


  • You must be based and creating work in Scotland.

  • You should not currently be a student on an undergraduate course. We will however accept applications from post graduate students.

  • All work should be of the absolute highest quality, finished to the highest standards and displayed with creative flair.

  • You must show a high level of professionalism in your work and an obvious commitment to your creative practice.

  • You must hand make, or small batch produce your work, designs must be your own and the majority of elements made by, or designed by yourself. We will not accept applications from people who only assemble bought in components.

  • Excellent images. Image quality is really important and something to give serious consideration. Please look at our exhibitor galleries online.


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