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Yolande Kenny

Following a successful international career in lean manufacturing in the motor industry, Yolande decided to focus her career on art, which had always been a passion.

Having graduated from Central St. Martin's, London, with a first, she initially lived in Hertfordshire, focussing her art on paintings of people and animals and exhibiting in London, the Home Counties and Europe.

In 2013, Yolande moved to the Kingdom of Fife, whose picturesque coast inspired her to paint quaint local houses, quirky wildlife, local people and visitors. People often consider her artwork as being reflective, yet lighthearted. It has detail in terms of local scenery and architecture, yet integrates, as appropriate, how local animals and birds relate to people going about their everyday lives.

Yolande's studio overlooks the Isle of May and Bass Rock, rocky islands that tower out of the Firth of Forth. In the summer months, both islands are home to an array of visiting seabirds, including comical puffins, grumpy looking gannets and noisy gulls. These birds, and many others, often make appearances in her paintings of places and landscapes.

Yolande sells her artwork and related merchandise through retail outlets, exhibitions, events and her website. Additionally, she continues to undertake commissions.


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Cellardyke, Fife

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Yolande Kenny


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