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Jacobite Heroine is an independent e-commerce company based in Moray, in the north east of Scotland. All our products are designed and manufactured in Scotland using eco-friendly and up-cycled fabrics.

Now more than ever, it’s important for people to know where their products have come from and whether they have been ethically made. We want to promote the slow fashion movement, which gives due consideration to people, animals and the environment in relation to manufacturing. We believe we all have our part to do in order to preserve our beautiful planet, the business, therefore, has this goal as part of its mission.

The company name was inspired by the story of Flora MacDonald and how she helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape after his defeat at Culloden. When reading about the story, Laura noticed one phrase describing her kept standing out; Jacobite Heroine. The company draws inspiration from Scotland so it seemed fitting to use a name that embodied her spirit and as a result the brand represents courage and determination. Each product is named after an area in Scotland, those places that may not be as well known as the major tourist spots but are just as important.


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