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The Unraveling

The Unraveling is a bohemian homeware brand, specialising in crochet and macramé wall planters. Evolving from creator, Dominique’s, love of organic forms. Designed to be easily assimilated into your environment, these hanging planters provide vertical accents for your walls, enabling greenery to fill you home.
Crochet is Dominique’s favoured discipline due to it’s organic qualities, enabling her to work in a fluid way. The mindful process allows for designs to be stripped back and reworked, evolving naturally. Her choice of natural fibres, such as jute, is in keeping with this methodology.
Being conscious of our environment, Dominique chooses to work with biodegradable and sustainable fibres. Largely jute and recycled cotton. Jute, for example, is fast growing, requiring only rainfall and zero pesticides to grow.
When Dominique isn’t crocheting, you’ll find her looking after her daughter and her indoor jungle! Both of which are
growing by the day!


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