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Steve Wilson Weaving & Neckwraps by Kim

Steve has been working as a weaver in Scotland for many years, designing and creating his own unique range of fabrics and accessories.
He works with independent UK mills sourcing batches of high quality cashmere, mohair and wool yarn that are too small an amount for them to use, thus minimising waste and aiding sustainability.
Wherever possible Steve uses the yarns in their original shades, but also works with a dyer, to produce the vibrant colour palette he is known for. Finally Steve warps the yarns, and once on the loom, his luxurious scarves, wraps or throws are woven.
Kim loves creating with sumptuous fabrics to make what one of her customers named ‘warm jewellery’. She designs, cuts and sews each totally unique neckwrap using a mix of upcycled material and small amounts of surplus fabrics from UK makers. Some even contain pieces of fabrics Kim wove herself while completing her degree in Textile Design at the Scottish College of Textiles. Every neckwrap also has a piece of Steve’s luxurious cashmere in it. They are lined with soft fleece and fastened with a vintage or handmade button.


Bespoke commissions, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging


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