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Skye Silks

Skye Silks is a handweaving and dyeing studio specialising in silk, based on a windswept croft in Dunvegan on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Taking inspiration from the everchanging colours of the landscape, the misty skies, lochs and the sea as well as the stunning sunsets, sunrises and the aurora, Jaine creates elegant contemporary designs from the finest silk yarns and fabrics.

An advocate of ‘slow textiles’, Jaine uses a traditional weaving loom which is not mechanised allowing her to have a close connection to the cloth as she weaves. This requires many years of experience and skill to enable her to produce beautiful handwoven textiles with straight edges, an even beat and beautiful drape.

Mixing simple weave structures, double weaves and supplementary warps with complex hand dyed colour combinations, each item is individually designed and unique, often creating iridescence pieces.

In addition to the handwoven scarves, Jaine creates hand-dyed, hand-pleated Arashi Shibori silk scarves, hand stitched hand-dyed ties and hand-dyed silk scarves.

Jaine uses a variety of dye techniques to colour her textiles including painted warps, resist dyeing, vat dyeing and dip dyeing ensuring each piece is unique and has a distinctive Skye Silks design.


Vouchers Available, Workshops, Eco friendly products


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