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NutMeg Glass

NutMeg Glass produce stylish contemporary hand blown glassware that come in a range of functional and decorative pieces; including vases, bowls, jugs, and scent bottles. Incorporating a bold palette of both transparent and opaque colours set on distinct and simplistic forms the intention is to create glass that can compliment both the classic and modern interior.
The making process involves gathering molten glass from the furnace, applying colours when hot and blowing. Once the glass is cold it is often ground, cut and polished depending on the piece. Both hot and cold processes are carried out by experienced glass designer/maker Meg McGregor.
Meg draws her inspiration from a combination of Scandinavian design, the natural world and retro pattern as well as the glass making process which often heavily influences the outcome of the final design when evolving a new range.
Meg has been making glass for over 20 years and has been based in her studio in Leith since 2012. NutMeg glass is stocked in a selection of galleries throughout the U.K. and can also be found at exhibitions and retail shows and fairs as well as working to commission.


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