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Evie is a jeweller choosing to work with recycled silver instead of depleting the world of its natural resources. Salvaged antique sterling silver teaspoons are re-imagined and transformed into a wearable heirlooms with a new beauty and charm: dusty family treasures from one generation are cleverly reinvented for the next.

Antique spoons, old butter knives as well as humble thimbles can all be transformed into something new that you can wear! Nothing is wasted in her making process and the waste silver from one collection is used to form the pieces in another. Even the silver dust is made molten to be turned into something beautiful and new.

Evie also salvages industry offcuts of brass and copper, transforming this waste into beautiful unique decorative pieces. Hand stamped and often personalised, they evoke her love of typography, the past and her passion for recycling.

Evie puts great importance on the provenance of the materials she uses. Original hallmarks in silver are retained as are the small kite marks and codes etched into copper and brass. These are remnants of the past and hark back to the previous life of the object to tell the story of it's origin.


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