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Michele Daykin Jewellery

Michele is a designer maker based on the coast in Fife and works from her small shed in the garden. She studied at Edinburgh Telford College (Diploma in Stitched Textiles) and then at Dunfermline Carnegie College (Jewellery Design and Manufacturing). She combines these two disciplines in her own jewellery designs, combining silver and her own batik fabric.

Michele works predominantly in silver, forming each piece by hand; so no two pieces will be exactly the same - even a pair of earrings. She draws the batik patterns by hand and dyes the fabric in very small batches. Due to the hand drawn nature there are always small variations in each piece.

Inspirations for her designs come from urban surfaces, repeat markings on Glasgow and Edinburgh walls and pavements, the shapes of the stones.


Eco friendly packaging, Recycled Silver


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Jewellery, Textiles

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Michele Daykin

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