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Mandy Maria

Mandy Maria is a multi-disciplined illustrator and designer from Aberdeen, living and working in the sunny/rainy city of Glasgow. Mandy has been creative from an early age, using paint brushes, pens & pencils, and anything else that came to hand.

Mandy has always worked with bold colours and for a long time her main inspiration has been the human form, which is maybe down to her Italian heritage! This continues to be true, but her practice and inspiration has developed to include an appreciation of nature and a love of drawing textures & the smallest details.

Always inspired by the world around her, and motivated by a spontaneity and desire to move forward, Mandy’s work and style continues to develop.

Her technique is inspired by traditional printmaking techniques, and wether it’s digital with a stylus, or paper with a pen & pencil, everything she does is hand-drawn.

Sometimes bold, sometimes understated, often humorous, but always engaging, her aim is to create affordable contemporary prints which fit in any home.


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