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Eòrna Pottery

Eòrna Pottery is contemporary tableware made by potter Anna MacDonald. Each piece is wheel-thrown with care, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe, and as durable as it is beautiful; her work is designed to last.

The look and feel of her current collection is inspired by the Hebridean shoreline of Tiree where she grew up. Texturally, the same satisfying feeling of a grooved, ridged limpet shell or a sea-smoothed pebble is re-created in her pieces. The colours of the sea in the sun or when it’s stormy, the silvery white beaches and the soft pink of the shells in the sand feature in her glazes.

The name Eòrna is the Scottish Gaelic word for Barley – Tiree is poetically known as Tìr Ìosal an Eòrna or ‘the Low-lying land of the Barley’.


Bespoke commissions, Vegan products, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging, Handmade


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